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Latest News

Supporting Jacob

After graduating from UNCG in May, I have been living in Cary while I raise support to go on staff full-time with Campus Outreach at UNCG. I’ve raised about 70% of my goal, and I’m wanting to move to Greensboro for support raising opportunities, to get involved in CCG, and to have better community. I’m currently trying to finish raising support and also…

Caring for Carla

Join us in supporting and caring for Carla Fried! Carla has endured a long and tedious process with physical pain, and is unable to drive. Let’s come together and support Carla by providing rides to/from church and to/from a few appointments over the next few weeks. Join us in praying for Carla and if possible, supporting her with transportation. Sign up to assist…

Due to snow, Christ Church Greensboro has closed. Please join us for the sermon live on Facebook at 10:30 am on Sunday, December 9.

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