Community Groups

Community Groups

Community Groups (formerly Home Groups) are coming!  Building deeper community and helping each other as we seek to follow Jesus is the focus and mission of Community Groups. 

Each group will meet regularly for fellowship, prayer and some time in the Word. The groups will allow members to get to know each other on a deeper level and learn how to better love one another and share each others burdens.  They are also simply a lot of fun.

We will be organizing and doing some training over the next few weeks.  Our goal is to kick off the groups by the first week in October.  This year there will be much more flexibility around meeting times, location, format etc.  Each group will structure itself to meet the needs of the members.

Please sign up here if you have not already signed up at church.  In the comments section please share any specific information that may help us in placing you in a group- i.e. can’t meet on certain nights, geographic preferences, others you would like to be in a group with etc.

Community Groups Signup

For those interested in joining a community group (formerly called Home Groups).

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