Speaking of Jesus

Speaking of Jesus

Adult Sunday Seminar | 9:15 am | Led by Pastor Anthony

(Does not meet during the month of December)

We start with the end in mind – “The End of Evangelism.” All of history is heading toward one glorious and soul-satisfying end when God dwells forever with his people. What a motivator! Until then we as the church will “speak of Jesus!” We hope you’ll join us!

Study Objectives:

By God’s grace, at the end of this quarter you will be…

    • More joyful in knowing the greatness of God’s salvation
    • More eager to intentionally speak of Jesus
    • Free from many delusions and mystery surrounding evangelism
    • Equipped to pray for people to come to faith in Christ
    • Confident in using tools that persuade people to investigate faith in Christ
  • Motivated to share regularly and hear stories of evangelism success

Lesson Resources:

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