Home Groups

Home Groups

Why Home Groups Exist

We want to make life-changing relationships relevant and accessible to you. Our Home Groups exist for the simple purpose of bringing people together.

What A Home Group Is

Home Groups at Christ Church Greensboro are small groups meeting in homes in order to connect on a personal level with brothers and sisters in Christ. Our groups most often consist of people from various ages and life stages with about 10-16 people per group.

Why You Should Join A Home Group

It is nearly impossible to make significant relationships and connections Sunday mornings alone. Through Home Groups we build relationships through bible study and prayer.

When & Where

Groups meet throughout the year in two semesters – fall and spring. Most groups take a break from meeting through summer. You are welcome to join a home group at any time. Groups meet in a variety of places around Greensboro.

Open Home Groups

Arms Home Group
The Crossing – Young Adult Home Group